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After grandparents died, she cashed their Social Security benefits for a decade-plus

What is a Social Security or SSI Representative Payee? A representative payee is a reliable person chosen by the Social Security Administration to receive and manage the use of your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits so that you are assured of having your basic needs met by the receipt of benefits.

A Pompano Beach woman was convicted of cashing her dead grandparents’ Social Security checks for more than a decade. Lane Erickson Dreamstime/TNS Her grandfather passed away in Haiti in 2006, and her.

Approximately 163 million american workers pay social Security taxes out of their wages, and some 59 million receive monthly benefits. Benefits for Children of a Deceased Father If a wage earner who has worked long enough to qualify for Social Security benefits dies, his minor children and the other parent may be eligible for survivors’ benefits.

These benefits serve as a supplemental income from some, while others depend on Social Security payments for their entire income. If your spouse is older than you are, he or she may begin collecting Social Security benefits before you do.

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For years after her grandparents died, Myriam Etienne quietly ripped off Social Security. if she failed to report, within 30 days, that her grandparents had left the country or died. Etienne had.

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If a beneficiary dies, can I get their benefits? If you are the spouse or child of a Social security disability (ssd) benefits recipient and they have passed away, there are some options available to you for financial support. Death Before Approval If your spouse or parent had been the primary earner of income, and had recently become disabled before passing away, you may be able to open a.

Every year, about 4.4 million children receive monthly benefits because one or both of their parents are disabled, retired, or deceased. When a parent becomes disabled or dies, Social Security benefits help to stabilize the family’s financial situation in an otherwise turbulent time.

Social Security benefits are not paid for the month in which a recipient dies. In most instances, the check an individual receives in a given month represents payment for the preceding month. In other words, by design, the check (or direct bank deposit) arrives after the month for which it applies.

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