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Getting Out of Debt to Achieve Financial Independence

In the spirit of simplification a la Harold Pollack’s "Index Card" and "One Page Financial Plan" by Carl Richard, to achieve financial independence, we share our core wealth management principles.

Step 3: Before You Can Achieve Financial Independence You Need to GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER I get a lot of emails from readers. Most people have great dreams and love to tell me about how they want to quit their job, build those passive income streams, and achieve the financially independent lifestyle.

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Who is Greenwise. Greenwise is your compassionate ally in your journey to get rid of your debt and regain your financial independence. We know how hard and overwhelming it can be to resolve your debt. We are here to support you every step of the way. Our debt relief program is designed to remove the stress and get you out of debt.

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It’s not exactly a secret that my wife and I are investing our money with a goal of financial independence. We achieved our goal of complete debt freedom – including our mortgage – in 2011, and so our natural follow-up goal was something even bigger, especially considering that we were no longer sending out a big chunk of our income to our lenders.

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Get Out of Debt. The current economy and the amount of debt that has been acquired are greatly related to people living beyond their means. Sometimes it is a medical emergency or a sudden job loss that speeds up the amount of debt that a person has.

Get out of debt Review and adjust plans periodically When income and/or expenses change, adjust your budget and debt reduction plans accordingly. Reward yourself Celebrate your progress toward financial independence with occasional small rewards (e.g., going out to dinner, upgrading an electronic.

So, yes, getting out of debt is a big achievement and the first essential step to achieving financial independence. And even though interest rates may seem minimal, keep in mind that even now, credit cards still charge close to 20% per annum in interest.

However, due to mounting debt. Bank of America. "To achieve financial independence, early adults can focus on developing smart financial habits, identifying areas to cut expenses to free up money.

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