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Hispanics’ population rises, but their home ownership doesn’t

> Move the story to California. A three bedroom home in the San Francisco Bay Area, covered by Proposition 13, purchased by ordinary working people with good financial habits, around the 1970 time frame, and a working late-thirties, early forties person with some savings and good financial habits, cannot afford to take the home under almost any circumstances due to property taxes (cost of.

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The primary purpose of this study was to quantify and analyze the Hispanic population potentially . underserved by TAS, for which information was not available in prior Forrester Omnibus surveys. The survey aimed to understand the current Hispanic population, with specific objectives to:

 · And has reached 34 Million as of 2012, and the total Hispanic Population is 53 Million. They say that the Hispanic Population will increase to 133 million by 2050 or Sooner!

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The United States has a population of 50 million of Hispanic and Latino Americans, of them, 27 Million are citizens eligible to vote (13% of total eligible voters), therefore Hispanics have a very important effect on presidential elections since the vote difference between two main parties is usually around 4%.

The paper shows how patterns of differences in home-ownership levels and gaps. Homeownership Rate Differences Between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites:. of analysis are the 25 counties in each of the four census regions that have the largest Hispanic population according to the 2000.

The rambling NBC News article concludes that latinos intensely dislike President Trump and his party, but that this animosity doesn’t translate into. approach to politics in their adopted country..

Cubans in the United States. Fact Sheet. Compared with the rest of the Hispanic population in the United States, Cubans are older, have a higher level of education, higher median household income and higher rate of home ownership.

Contrast this to the Obama economy. It took until 2015 for Hispanic household incomes to finally get back to their 2006 levels. For the population as a whole, household incomes remained flat.

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