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Paul Manafort to Be Transferred to Rikers, Held in Solitary Confinement

Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who was sentenced earlier this year to nearly seven years in prison in connection with two federal cases, will be transferred later this week from.

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Paul Manafort Headed To Rikers Island, Where He Faces Solitary Confinement Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort is about to be transferred from his comfortable low-security prison camp in Pennsylvania to what is widely regarded as one of the most hellish prisons in the country: The Rikers island jail complex in New York City.

Former Trump campaign chairman paul Manafort is expected to be transferred to the notorious New york city jail complex on Rikers Island ahead of a trial on state mortgage fraud charges, the New.

Paul Manafort’s second round of state charges will reportedly land him back in New York City. The former Trump campaign chair will soon be transferred to the notorious Rikers Island jail and be.

president donald trump’s former campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, is likely to end up in Rikers Island, the notorious New York City jail, reports the New York Times. Manafort has been serving his.

As soon as Thursday, Paul Manafort is to be transferred to New York City’s notorious Rikers Island prison and "will be held in solitary confinement for his own protection," reports Fox News.

Manafort To Be Held In Solitary Confinement In rikers island president Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is slated to be moved from a federal prison and transferred to the notoriously violence-plagued rikers island jail this month, where he will be held in solitary confinement.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued on Wednesday that Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, shouldn’t be placed in solitary confinement at Rikers Island jail in New.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Paul Manafort should be freed from solitary confinement as disgraced Trump campaign chair is sent to New York’s notorious Rikers Island to await new fraud trial

Paul Manafort will be moved to Rikers Island & be held in solitary confinement. If you’re blasting the criminal justice system now, but had no energy for Korey Wise or Kalief Browder, both of.

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