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The quieter voice in the abortion debate

A Third Voice in the Abortion Debate By ProGrace | February 23, 2015. In a recent opinion piece from GazetteNet, a pro-choice man talked about his experience.

WASHINGTON – While constitutional lawyers, ethicists and theologians – in descending order of importance in the abortion debate – have been arguing in the 46 years since the Supreme Court attempted to.

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A new voice is emerging in the abortion debate, and this voice is a powerful witness to the tragedy of killing the unborn. This voice is the voice of the fathers of abortion. "We had abortions. I’ve had abortions," says Mark B. Morrow, a Christian counselor and participant in arranging four.

Pondering over Coffee: The abortion debate – and the difference between the UDDA on when a human is declared ‘dead’ verses when a baby is declared ‘alive’ When New York passed the law making it OK to kill a baby right up until it would naturally be born – and even letting it die if it happened to survive the abortion, it bothered me and I found.

BATHURST, Dubbo and Orange MPs have voted in favour of decriminalising abortion during a passionate debate in the lower house.

· The Rhetoric That Shaped The Abortion Debate. Wade: Voices that Shaped the Abortion Debate Before the Supreme Court’s Ruling. In an interview on Fresh Air, Greenhouse explains the arguments in favor of decriminalizing abortion – and the rhetoric used by both sides of the debate that continues to resonate more than 35 years after Roe.

On abortion, can we balance a woman’s right to choose with encouraging men to be active in pregnancy and child-rearing? Abortion: A quiet voice in the debate | Charlotte Observer SECTIONS

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THE subject of abortion is a taboo topic, no matter the age, race or denomination. However, at last Wednesday’s premiere of Unplanned, a number of youth in the audience were not afraid to add their.

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He also attributed father absenteeism to men being deprived of a voice in the abortion debate. "We are ignoring the quiet message that current abortion policy conveys to every American male.

As a Christian, it is unpopular to voice a struggle with the pro-life movement. There is a vehement yelling voice somewhere in the guts of our religion that cries out against the killing of an unborn fetus. It argues that all babies deserve the chance to grow up and have the potential to do wonderful.

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