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Australia’s debt dilemma – a concern or a crisis?

Australia’s net foreign debt quietly topped $1 trillion for the first time just before Christmas last year.

The story is similar for private debt. private debt deleveraging has usually only been possible because of offsetting public debt increases. japan’s private debt ratio reached a whopping 221 percent in the lead up to its 1990s crisis. But luckily for Japan, its public debt ratio at that time was only 86 percent.

Australian Debt Clock.com.au was founded in 2010, in light of the Global Financial Crisis to help inform Australians of our nations trending money, credit and debt levels (comparable to international trending debt levels, ie. the United States – usdebtclock.org).

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Household debt hit a record $2.44 billion in December, but this was not surprising due to population growth and higher incomes. A more meaningful way to measure debt levels is to express it as a percentage of household disposable income (this is known as the debt to income ratio).

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Malcolm Turnbull casts debt crisis as a moral challenge Paul. “My greatest concern is that we end up answering these questions too late and the hard way.. Australia’s debt now stands at.

And our dividend payments to foreign owners of Australian companies fell as the fall in coal and iron ore prices hit mining company profits. That’s nice. But while ever we have any deficit on the current account, our foreign debt will grow, and it already exceeds $1 trillion deficit.

Australia’s Household Debt Crisis. In 2016, household debt reached a whopping aus $2 trillion or an average of $250,000 ( us $190,000) per household. The country’s gross domestic product in 2016 was just .62 trillion. australia wins the shameful "second-highest debt-to- gdp ratio in the world" award.

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Too much foreign debt, the argument went, risked a financial and economic crisis if foreigners, for whatever reason – spooked, say, by a collapse in the price of Australia’s commodity exports.

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