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AIB’s Project Alder to sell off more than €1bn worth of toxic debt

The latest portfolio to be sold is codenamed Project Alder, and is understood to be valued at around 1bn. sold off loans in recent years. The bank has 4.7bn in non-performing loans, down from.

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AIB’s Project Alder to sell off more than 1bn worth of toxic debt Bank’s latest sale of non-performing loans will focus on corporate rather than family debt tue, May 21, 2019, 03:25

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More than 91 per cent of loans within the portfolio carry a triple A rating, while. AIB's Project Alder to sell off more than 1bn worth of toxic debt.

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Bank's latest sale of non-performing loans will focus on corporate rather than family debt.

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The toxic connection between Ireland's main banks and the property developers that. The value of these special loans and the period over which they were handed out. Agency – the state body set up to absorb Irish banks' toxic debts.. This was 11bn more than their nearest rivals, the Bank of Ireland.

This is understood to refer to how banks are now able to fund themselves and lend on at cheaper commercial rates than when the SBCI was set up and provide money at a discount to market rates. Some.

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