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Homeowners in England can now build extensions without planning permission

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All that you need to know about the new rules that allow householders to convert their lofts and build rear extensions to their homes without having to seek planning permission. Until now, householders were allowed to expand their home by a total of up to 70 cubic metres – or 50 cubic metres for a terraced house – before having to apply.

In Northern Ireland and Scotland you don’t need planning permission for single-storey rear extensions that are under 4m high and don’t go back further than 3m for terraces and 4m for other properties.

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 · Planning permission New rules mean you can now build extensions WITHOUT planning permission in England. Homeowners across England just got the green light from the Government to build far bigger.

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For those of you looking to refurbish an existing building, it might come as a pleasant surprise to discover just how much you can achieve without having to go through the planning approval process. The permitted development (PD) regime allows you to embark on a whole host of home improvements, from extensions through to adding [.]

A conservatory or single-story extension can be built without planning permission if: It’s a maximum of 4 metres high or 3 metres high, within 2 metres of a boundary and the conservatory or extension does not cover more than half of the garden.

 · you got one right answer so far ..this is can extend outwards to rear for 3 metres ..4 if detached ..and full width of the house ..on single storey the roof must not be more than 4 metres high ..any one can check this on website.planning portal ..permitted development ..but you still need building regs ..i am a builder.NOTE FOR ..your talking rubbish ..its never been easier than it is.

Rules in England making it easier to build extensions of up to 8m are being. the green light to build larger extensions without planning permission.. Additions to terraced and semi-detached homes can be up to 6m, while.

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Yes CD is right- you can extend by a certain % of floor space without needing planning permission.

Homeowners across England just got the green light from the Government to build far bigger extensions before planning permission is needed.

A change in the law will allow families in England to build six-metre. are given green light to build large rear extensions without planning permission as. Homeowners can now make plans to extend their homes without full.

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