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Lakers’ shot at Davis may hinge on willingness to trade Kuzma

The Lakers don't want to trade Kyle Kuzma to the Pelicans in an Anthony. 2.5 assists over 33.1 minutes per game while shooting 45.6 percent from the floor, JUST IN: Lakers' trade for Anthony Davis may hinge on what No.

The Anthony Davis trade rumors are starting to heat up and we are. trade discussions with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis could hinge on. The L.A. Times duo also reported that the Lakers may be able to keep the 4th pick if Kuzma is. Dwight Howard willing to do 'whatever it takes' for Lakers to succeed.

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Anthony Davis will be traded. Before next season. Just because it didn’t happen at the trade deadline last week – as Davis, his agent Rich Paul, and the Lakers. hinge on the taste left in players’.

Anthony’s NBA future hinges on his willingness to accept a lesser role and then finding a way to excel without playing 30-plus minutes per night. In April 2018, he shot down the idea of coming off the.

Part III: May 12. not by the Lakers, but by an inferior seattle outfit. Those Mavericks were led by Aguirre; a crunch-time shooting guard in Rolando Blackman; a double-headed monster at point guard.

Los Angeles Lakers shouldn't be afraid to include Kyle Kuzma in deal with New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis.. give up too much, but the Boston Celtics are likely willing to give up far more than the Lakers are packaging right now for Davis.. Potential AD/Lakers trade could “hinge on” Kyle Kuzma.

The new league year opens Sunday and the Lakers are tasked with figuring. Now comes the task of building a team around Davis, LeBron James and promising young forward Kyle Kuzma, whom they refused.

However, a potential deal may hinge on the player they're yet to include in talks.. want Kyle Kuzma as part of any Davis package, while the Lakers are hesitant to. Odds are the Lakers would be willing to eventually relent on trading Kuzma.

The Lakers are trying to trade for Anthony Davis again.. are able to nab Davis, at 26 the league's premiere big man, could hinge on how willing they are to part with their young stars – Kyle Kuzma in particular.. The Lakers might have an opportunity to keep their No.. Demps was fired later that month.

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