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Tax law forces charitable givers to adopt a bunch of new strategies

Donations to pet-related charities. adoption fees to a rescue organization or local shelter are not tax deductible, but donations made to a rescue or charitable organization for which no goods or services are received may be deductible. "You can’t adopt a dog as a donation," LaBrecque explained.

Charitable Trusts. A CLT is not a tax-exempt entity, and the donor must pay income tax to get the charitable deduction. Although the donor may pay income tax, the strategy is used primarily to allow the donor to shelter some of the growth of the assets from the donor’s estate while still keeping the assets in the family.

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A. direct lifetime gifts may entitle you to a charitable income tax deduction, de – pending on your income level. For those whose income level qualifies, deductions are generally allowed for up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income (agi), assuming the gift is cash and made to a public charity.

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He was interviewing a new Democratic congresswoman from New York, the self-described socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, about, among other things, her plan to raise top marginal income tax rates as.

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Here are some charitable giving strategies that may help some investors benefit from tax advantages. Wealthier investors may want to "lump" charitable contributions into one year. Instead of giving regularly each year, combining three to five years’ worth of gifts into one year may allow investors to itemize deductions for that particular year.

Charitable Giving to Road Scholar and the New Tax Laws As a not-for-profit educational organization, Road Scholar depends on the generosity of our supporters to enrich the lives of more than 100,000 older adults every year.

Charitable Giving Under the New Tax Law The new tax law may discourage donations. But you can still support your causes and reduce your tax bill with these strategies.

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