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The federal government’s little-known pension heist

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Sanchez: The federal government’s little-known pension heist . Mary Sanchez Thursday Dec 17, And the whole point of federal pension guarantees is protecting such people. A more fair resolution.

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The great american retirement Heist. Treasury Secretary Geithner quietly dipped his hands into federal employee pension funds. Using a little-known 1986 law, he borrowed against federal pensions to meet the government’s financial obligations.. And there’s only one way the federal.

The federal government’s little-known pension heist. Two-thirds of them got bad news. The Central States Pension Fund claims it will be reducing members’ retirement checks by an average of 23 percent. Union activists say that figure is much higher, and for some the reductions will top 60 percent.

The federal government’s little-known pension heist. Kennesaw Kid, Nov 27, 2018. replies: 1 views: 582. jimmy g Nov 27, 2018. Union pensions: Will Congress kick the can on a solution? (Pt. 1) Freightmaster1, Nov 25, 2018. Replies: 4 views: 553. bubba gump

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The federal government’s little-known pension heist When banks are near collapse, Congress bails them out. When union pensions are in mortal danger, Congress changes the law to let them shaft.

It’s obvious to any consumer that prices tend to go up over time, and the federal government is aware of this. behind on your retirement savings. But a handful of little-known "Social Security.

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In a new report requested by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, CBO examines five options for changing the federal retirement system. Three seek changes to the FERS pension plan.

Jerry Brown introduced a novel plan to make an early, super-sized payment on the state’s public pension obligations by borrowing from a little-known government account. as a lower rate tied to the.

Mary Sanchez: The federal government’s pension heist. Bills would prop up the vulnerable pension funds through changes in the tax code affecting wealthier people.

The federal government’s little-known pension heist . By MARY SANCHEZ Friday Nov 27, 2015 at 12:01 AM Nov 27, A more fair resolution would be to bolster federal pension protection.

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