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University’s Employer Assisted Housing Program offers homebuyer assistance

Employer-Assisted Housing:. programs to offer $50 per month per employee for rental assistance up to 24 months when homes are completed. with $7,500 down payment assistance for University employees (with help of local housing expert) and has

Employer-assisted housing programs help employees meet their housing needs, which in turn helps employers to achieve their business goals. Such programs provide tremendous resources and support to employees by leveraging state and local financial assistance programs, organizing homebuyer workshops, and providing discounts toward housing.

Each of the companies offers housing benefits, which include help with down payments, education and counseling as well as rental, renovation and construction assistance. Homes for Working Families is distributing a guidebook on housing programs to about 2000 employers, local governments and advocacy groups.

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The program is not restricted to first-time home buyers but you are ineligible if you currently own a home. It is strongly recommended that you review the lihp employer assisted housing highlights to determine if you meet their expectations prior to applying for the bnl employer assisted housing Program.

Washington, D.C. offers several programs to help people realize their dream of owning a home in the city. In the second part of our series on D.C. homeownership assistance programs, we explain help available to city employees through D.C.’s Employer Assisted Housing Program.

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It was the type of neighborhood that could attract crime, not necessarily first-time homebuyers. already spent about $169.2 million from the Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood.

The University of Scranton’s Employer-Assisted Housing Program is a two-part program that is intended to help revitalize Scranton’s Hill Section. The program consists of University-owned properties that are available to faculty and staff for rent and a forgivable loan program to assist faculty and staff in purchasing a home in the eligible.

The program also offers onsite homebuyer workshops, discounted housing services and linkages to other housing programs. EXAMPLE: After two years of service, George is now eligible for his employer’s housing benefits program that provides a one-time $2,000 grant to purchase a home in Philadelphia.

increase the supply of affordable housing in the community. Employer assistance can be designed to benefit both renters and homeowners. Each of the employer-assisted housing options listed below is described in detail on the following pages. Several of these options are illustrated with case study examples later in the resource guide.

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